BioFluidix BioSpot® BT workstation

More flexibility, easy handling and reliable results for your nanoliter dispensing

BioSpot® BT workstation

The BioSpot BT workstation answers to the need for a precise, reliable and fast way to automate workflows in the lab. 

The BioSpot workstations can be equipped with each of our dispensing technologies and are divided in two standards and a custom product line.
The BioSpot BT to handle our single channel dispensing modules and the BioSpot TS, which automates our microarray dispensing printers. Custom BioSpot workstations can be tailored to almost any need in the low volume dispensing world.

As our BioSpot BT line can be equipped with all of our single channel dispensers it can cover an unmet dynamic volume range. On one single device you can dispense from picoliters up to several microliters. All controlled by an easy to use software. 
Every BioSpot BT workstation is equipped with our TopView and SmartDrop System to give you full control over the dispensing process. It even allows you to automatically calibrate the single droplet volumes dispensed with our SiJet and PipeJet dispensers. 

BioSpot key facts:

  • Automated volume calibration available for BT line
  • Works in the picoliter, nanoliter and microliter range
  • Provides optical process control
  • BioSpot Custom can be designed to your specific needs
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Ideal for decentralized use

The BioSpot® workstation offers a flexible stand-alone solution for multiple liquid handling tasks in the nanoliter range:

Your benefits

  • Non-contact droplet generation
  • Drop-On-Demand mode
  • Disposable dispensing pipes
  • Low dead volumes
  • Precise performance

Life Science

  • Printing of Lateral Flow Assays
  • Printing of microarrays
  • Filling of microfluidic chips
  • Miniaturization of assays


  • Coating of medical products
  • Printing of adhesives
  • Flux dispensing
  • Surface optimization


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