Hiperscan Apo-Ident

The Apo-Ident analyser is a near-infrared spectrometer especially tailored for use for pharmaceutical analysis.

With Apo-Ident you may analyse pharmaceutical raw materials, finished products or identify counterfeit items quickly, economically, safely and more conveniently.  No more complicated and expensive sample preparation or slow analytical procedures. No more wasted expensive samples.



Apo-Ident Apo-Ident Apo-Ident

The Apo-Ident NIR system serves as an approved alternative and complimentary method for identification of pharmaceutical constituents to support confirmation of authenticity.

The high performance Apo-Ident NIR system utilises patented MEMS technology to provide highly accurate answers in six seconds and is the perfect instrument for use by non-specialist staff. 

Apo-Ident has a comprehensive and completely validated reference database including evidence of robustness and 100% specificity, traceable to certified reference materials.

The database will identify more than 1,100 prescription substances and contains a total of more than 150,000 spectra from over 3,500 various manufacturer samples of the specific compounds.


  • There are inspection certificates (identity, amount and purity) for each substance.
  • The database is checked in validation runs against a total of more than 330,000 spectra which stem from approx. 30,000 batches
  • Not a single false-positive result is allowed in the process (specificity = 100%)
  • Each change in the database (update) is completely validated from anew
  • Each validation is documented in a detailed report and delivered along with the database


The Apo-Ident technology when combined with the pharmaceutical database ensures complete confidence in the result to prevent expensive and possibly life threatening mistakes due to contamination, mislabelling or even counterfeiting as well as improving stock control. 


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