DeNovix DS-11

  • 1uL UV-Vis  (190-840 nm)
  • Stand-Alone (no PC required)
  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB
  • No calibration required
  • Maintenance free
  • unbeatable value
  • 3 year warranty
DS-11 DS-11 DS-11 DS-11

The DeNovix DS-11 takes spectrophotometry to a whole new level. This easy-to-use, compact instrument delivers full spectrum UV-Vis analysis and is ideal for rapid nucleic acid and protein quantification. Simply pipette and measure. It’s that easy!

Intuitive and Easy. DS-11 Spectrophotometers are simple to use and fast to learn thanks to DeNovix EasyApps®. The software is pre-installed on a breakthrough AndroidTM operating system that features an HD, glove-compatible touchscreen. No PC set-up or software installation is required!

SmartPath® Technology is our patent pending design to precisely control microvolume pathlength in real-time. SmartPath® ensures the DS-11 is always in calibration – no drift and no service down-time. Measurements are accurate and precise for 1µL , even for difficult to measure samples like protein.

Connect to Your Results. Built-in Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB allows easy export of data you want in the format you need. Email a csv or color jpg of your results…save data to LIMS or network drives…print results or graphs to network and label printers…and more! 

All DeNovix instruments are available in four colour choices, Arctic White, Brazilian Blue, Fire Red & Tungsten Silver.



  • DNA, RNA, ssDNA quantification with purity measurements (260/280 and 260/230 ratios). Separate preconfigured apps for optimized workflow.
  • Purified protein (A280) up to 750mg/ml BSA
  • Peptide analysis (A205/215)
  • Preconfigured dyes for Fluorescent dye labeled nucleic acids microarray samples (+ ability to customize)
  • Quantitation of fluorescent dye labeled proteins.
  • Bradford, BCA, Lowry, Pierce 600nm Assays for protein quantification
  • Custom method editor – create and save new methods, standard curves and formulas.

Spectrophotometer Microvolume Mode

Minimum Sample Size

0.5 µL


0.5 mm (auto ranging to 0.02 mm)

Light Source

Pulsed Xenon flash lamp

Detector Type

2048 element CCD

Wavelength Range

190-840 nm

Wavelength Accuracy

0.5 nm

Spectral Resolution

1.5 nm (FWHM at Hg 253.7 nm)

Absorbance Precision

0.002 AU (0.5 mm path), or 1%, whichever is greater

Absorbance Accuracy

1.5% at 0.75 AU at 260 nm

Absorbance Range

0.04 – 750 (1 cm equivalent path length)

Detection limit

0.10 mg/ml BSA; 2.0 ng/µl dsDNA 

Maximum Concentration

750 mg/ml BSA; 37,500 ng/µl dsDNA

Lower Sample Surface Material of Construction

303 stainless steel and sapphire window

Upper Sample Surface Material of Construction

303 stainless steel and quartz fiber


Onboard Controller (No PC required)

Operating System

Custom Android™ OS


TI OMAP ARM Processor


1280 X 800 high definition color display

User Input

Touch screen with swipe and pinch motion; glove compatible

Internal Storage

32GB flash drive


3 USB ports for printer, barcode reader and USB drive


Ethernet and Wi-Fi




Arctic White, Brazilian Blue, Fire Red, Tungsten Silver

Measurement Time for Fluorescence

2 seconds


20 cm X 33 cm 


2 kg 

Operating Voltage

12 VDC

Operating Power Consumption

10 W; max 30 W


CE, UL/CSA, FCC and Japan CAB

Manufacture Location


Warranty 3 years standard